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The quality of our relationships can have a significant impact on our happiness, longevity and even physical health. Feeling misunderstood, unheard or disrespected lowers your confidence and self-esteem. If we are struggling to cope emotionally in our relationships, we can quickly begin to feel despairing and alone. This brings resentment, unwillingness to forgive, jealousy, anger, unhealthy habits, and deep emotional pain. These are all things that can eventually damage us to our core. Some problems just seem to escalate or repeat themselves without being resolved. This is often because people fall into patterns of unhealthy interaction making disagreements or problems worse.

Intimacy in Marriage

Intimacy is a sensitive area and an integral part of a marriage. How we see ourselves can affect how we relate to others. When either partner struggles with intimacy, which can be for many reasons, ultimately it will affect both partners and this may cause a great deal of distress. It is often not an area people feel comfortable discussing and the result is that many people suffer silently. It is possible to overcome intimacy issues with the right information and by addressing these issues.

Young People (Ages 13-25)

Mentorship, guidance and support can be an essential foundation or place of safety for young people. Youth may seem lonely without a safe space to address difficulties and receive support.

Teens and young adults go through changes in their moods and behaviors as they grow, start to reach for independence and encounter new challenges. They may form identities by trying out new behaviours and roles. They encounter physical and emotional changes. Changes and challenges during these years may strain friendships and parent-teen relationships. New behaviours, different company, new responsibilities and pressures may cause emotional highs or lows. Coping can be difficult and some young people need support or intervention.


Intervention in improving the relationships between family members and helping family members begin to understand the deeper emotions underlying conflict and surface behaviours of the members in their family. Learn to respect and consider each other. Learn to identify and express deeper emotions; to accept and feel compassion toward their own emotions and those of their family members. Begin to express their personal needs and desires in a healthy, positive way.

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