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Why Choose Us?


Focused on family, family relationships, couples, individuals and young people, we work within the family unit, as well as with individuals, to address areas that hold you back or areas that you are finding difficult to cope with or manage,

and help you find ways to move forward in life.

Marriage Improvement & Marriage Counselling

Marriage enrichment is building on and investing in a good marriage to keep it strong and ensure a happy future. Marriage counselling is help to address and overcome differences or challenges, that hinder the relationship.

Intimacy Issues in Marriage

Intimacy is a very important part of marriage. However, there are many obstacles that rob couples of this, and those have to be addressed if you want things to change.

Divorce & Post-Divorce Recovery

Navigating through a divorce can be overwhelming, scary and exhausting. Post divorce also comes with a lot of challenges. Having understanding support, the right information and help with structure in both situations, can lighten the load and help you cope.


Pre-marriage counselling looks deeper into who you and your partner are individually, your expectations, common areas and differences. The point is to create a strong platform to start your future together on.

Family & Parenting

Many factors impact family dynamics. Getting independent intervention when challenges arise is a swifter and more efficient way to save and build family relationships. Parenting isn’t an exact science either and with many other factors influence our lives and our children these days, having “backup” or support can make a big difference.

Teens & Young Adults

Young people today face many challenges and temptations that make life that much tougher to manage. We offer one-on-one support, group support and mentoring programs, to help them through challenges, as well as give them tools to cope with various situations.