Welcome to Loydall Counselling!


My name is Jacqueline Loydall. I am a qualified Life Coach, with various specialised counselling certificates in areas of focus. I also work in association with other counsellors and psychologists.

I offer a safe space for individuals, couples, families, teens and young adults, to address challenging situations and establish achievable solutions, develop confidence and build healthy relationships.

Areas of Focus





Teens & Young Adults

Ages: (13-17); (18-25)

What you can expect from counselling: 

The initial appointment is an introductory session of approximately 60 to 90 minutes, which entails an assessment. The point of this session is to ascertain the aim and reason for therapy.


Thereafter, consultations are approximately 60 minutes. 


We will establish a safe environment, encompassing trust and confidentiality, so that clients feel comfortable and secure when sharing private information.


Each person, couple or family’s situation is unique and therefore the requirements for achieving solutions for each will be different.




  • Face to face consultations
  • Online consultations
  • Group sessions